Our products are designed to provide solutions for billing, administration, logistics and management control for retail companies with specialized solutions in Supermarkets, Shops, Restaurants and Hotels.

CheckOut POS

Client/Server Billing System based on Windows. Emulates a traditional cash register, you can bill by entering quantity *price* code. It is oriented to supermarket outlets, minimarkets, shops or convenience stores with high volume of transactions. It is designed to work flawlessly 24 hours seven days a week being networked or not.


Client/Server Billing System based on Windows. It is oriented to restaurants, bars and food courts points of sale. It allows operation with touchscreens, mobile devices, or using the keyboard and mouse. It is designed to work flawlessly 24 hours seven days a week being networked or not.



Mobile Ordering System based on Android / Ipad terminals to improve response time and increase the quality of service in restaurants with table service.


CheckOut STORE

Client/Server Billing System based on Windows. It is oriented to shops in general, distributors and wholesalers with friendly operation method that combines the use of Windows for untrained users with hotkeys access for the issuance of documents.It is designed to work flawlessly 24 hours seven days a week being networked or not.



Management system for hotels and lodging oriented to visual resource management. Intuitive operation using an interface centered on an occupation grid that provides access to all the functions of the system through the use of the Mouse. With a simple click or using drag and drop you can define reserves, confirm, perform ingress and egress of passengers operations or view the statistics graphs.




Online Sales System that allows Checkout Systems users offer their products on the Internet and manage them transparently as an additional branch. Allows multiple presentation formats and organization products, special pricing policies, customer reviews, social networking links, related items suggestions, payment in store or online with credit card.



Our main products as well as solutions for billing, administration, logistics and management control are Checkout POS, Checkout Store, Checkout Restaurant, Checkout Hospitality, all being the first client/server solution in pure Windows that integrates point of sale and management in a single replicated database. Additionally, a mobile ordering system for restaurants like Checkout Quickwaiter for multiple platforms (Android / Iphone / IPad / Windows Phone) is integrated; e-commerce solution to shift the supply of products to the Internet using ECheckOUT module and consolidating information accounting through the Checkout Gestion version.

For the technology used, these solutions are primarily aimed at Companies holding large volumes of data and require high reliability level in the capture, processing and auditing of transactions.

Our solutions allow you to operate as single points of sale to complex single-user installations spread across different geographic locations and interconnected by various mechanisms - magnetic media, email, direct links (leased line, VPN over Internet, etc.). This feature can operate in isolation or centralizing information of all outlets in a central server or intermediate servers, the synchronization can be configured to be done manually - by an operator - or automatically - without human intervention - being in the latter case possible to set the time interval between them, which can range from 1 time per day, every 1 hour, 1 minute or even on-line.

Our products have integrated a powerful Backoffice that allows company management (POS, logistics, shopping, financial management, reporting and statistics, branch management, etc.) in a distributed or centralized way.

A complementary product is Checkout ON- LINE allowing credit card authorization ON LINE using the ISO 8583 international standard on X.25 connections. Checkout ON- LINE interacts with Checkout POS and Checkout Restaurant allowing these programs to authorize credit/debit card transactions straight from the box in less than 3 seconds. This system was approved by Visa and Posnet in Argentina.

We recently introduced the Checkout Gestion product that provides an administrative solution to integrate the transactional operation with the accounting management control of the company. Checkout Gestion processes automatically Checkout POS, Checkout Store and Checkout Restaurant transactions, relating the concepts of transactions to financial accounts in order to obtain a real-time accounting.