Download CheckOUT 3.5 DEMO

In the following link you can download an installer that allows to evaluate all products checkout. The executable file installs the application and a database with information for each product preconfigured to allow the actual operation of the system without performing a data load.
After running the installer must enter the executable program and the system will display a window to select the product to evaluate:

seleccionar producto

In the first option, the system creates a new installation from scratch so the user should enter the program settings in addition to the data. The remaining four options allow you to select one of the products to evaluate with preloaded data. These databases have a default administrator user account with key number 123 and 123 as password.

All demos can coexist in the same installation and the user can enter and exit changing product to evaluate. In your first login, the system will prompt you to evaluate the product for 45 days, or request an activation key. Evaluation of 45 days has some limitations that prevent production use but is fully functional for a lab test.